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Title IX

An In-Depth Look: UConn’s Title IX and Code Violation Policies

The University of Connecticut received 127 reports in 2017 of sexual assault, 67 cases of intimate partner violence, and 15 incidents of stalking. This amounts to 219 claims of Title IX violations. UConn expelled five students for Title IX violations and imposed lesser sanctions on other students. So how does Connecticut’s flagship university handle Title IX matters? Like most schools,…

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Accused… Now What?

Three Things to Do When You’ve Been Accused of a Title IX Violation – It’s easy to be caught off guard when you receive notice that you have been accused of a Title IX violation. You may wonder how your behavior came off as offensive, or you will vehemently dispute what your accuser has said. You may deny all accusations….

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Four Title IX Lessons from the Brett Kavanaugh Hearings

On September 27, 2018, millions of Americans witnessed the testimonies of a man accused of sexual assault, Justice Brett Kavanaugh and his accuser, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. The proceeding was similar to hearings that take place with increasing frequency at colleges and universities as a result of Title IX investigations. And comparisons to Title IX were quick to follow. Harvard…

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