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    The Student Rights Law Group

    The primary goal of the Student Rights Law Group is to protect your education. When a student is suspended or expelled due to misconduct charges, they may never resume their studies or complete their degree. An infraction on your college transcript can ruin your chances of applying to another school or being certified in your chosen profession. As such, university disciplinary hearings can ruin your education – and your future income.

    This is why we help students assert their rights under Title IX, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), the Americans with Disabilities Act, and other state and federal laws.

    Wherever possible, we build relationships within the university. We seek allies committed to protecting your education. This step is often overlooked by other attorneys who simply threaten to sue.

    We also identify the precise rights students have under each college’s or university’s rules. At a state university, these may be constitutional rights guaranteed to protect due process for both victims and the accused. They may be formal procedures guaranteed by contract at private schools.

    To protect you, we strive to learn each college or university’s policies better than its own administrators. Our approach requires a thorough review of the school’s policies, contracts, and often an independent investigation of the facts of the case.
    As we work with your school, we also seek leverage to use on your behalf. This gets results in the short term, but it also lays the groundwork if the matter ends up going to trial – although the best outcome is to never have to resort to formal litigation.

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