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    Drug And Alcohol Violations

    Why Colleges and Universities Believe the Federal Drug Free Schools and Communities Act Prohibits (But Actually Doesn’t) Medical Marijuana on Campus

    As medicinal and recreational cannabis is becoming legal in more and more states, students are under the assumption that they can use medical marijuana on campus. It’s a fair assumption, especially if your state has legalized both medical and recreational use. Except your school most likely disagrees. Its phalanx of campus administrators who police “community standards” will not hesitate to…

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    Just Say No to School Rules that Discriminate against Users of Medical Marijuana

    If your employer or school punishes you for legally using marijuana, you can just say, “No.” No to discrimination against you under state medical marijuana statutes. States are increasingly edging towards the complete legalization of marijuana. Almost half have made medical marijuana legal. Some, including Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New York and Massachusetts, give licensed users of medical marijuana protections…

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