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    Student Disability Rights

    Disability Rights in Higher Education

    Students with disabilities are disproportionately at risk to be victims of crimes—up to three times more likely to be attacked. Federal law protects all students with disabilities from being unfairly discriminated against to enable them to feel physically and mentally safe within the institution. Unfortunately, the system is not perfect. There are times when filing a discrimination claim is your…

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    The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals Rules to Protect College Students with Disabilities Five Lessons from Endres v Northeast Ohio Medical University

    The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals just reversed a lower court in a university plagiarism case against a disabled student. The school expelled a medical student over accusations of cheating. It ignored two doctors and the student’s own protests that the behavior he was accused of was a manifestation of his disability, not cheating. Sandra Emerick, Northeast Ohio Medical University’s…

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    Disability Rights and Title IX

    It is becoming increasingly clear that students with disabilities are both disproportionately vulnerable to accusations of sexual misconduct and disproportionately vulnerable to sexual misconduct. On the Friday before Thanksgiving week, the Office for Civil Rights of the US Department of Education issued proposed rules governing Title IX, the federal law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in education….

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