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    Student Misconduct

    How to Stop Cyberbullying by Defending Yourself

    In a Cyberbullying attack, the aggressor’s objective is to harm the credibility of the victim and damage their psychological well being, but the Cyberbully’s aim is also more than personal. They seek to damage the reputation and social standing of the victim in the community at large. Cyberbullies are known to hide behind screens of anonymity on social media platforms….

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    Graduate Student Expelled on Sexual Misconduct Sues Syracuse University for Biased Title IX Investigation

    Allen Law LLC has sued Syracuse University on behalf of a graduate student following his expulsion for alleged sexual misconduct. The plaintiff, referred to anonymously as John Doe, claims the Title IX investigation was biased and that the sanctions imposed were unfair. Filed on Monday, Feb. 12, this is the fourth lawsuit alleging that SU conducted biased, overzealous prosecutions during…

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