Student Conduct


    Alcohol consumption is a common aspect of campus social life, even where students have not reached the legal drinking age. Most colleges have rules against underage drinking, but they don’t enforce them with rigor. This can create a situation in which you may be found responsible at any time for drinking, even when your fellow students almost universally engage in the same behavior without any consequences, if the college or university decides to enforce the rules.Read More
    Drug Alcohol Violations


    Most people think of Greek fraternities when they think of hazing. But hazing also takes place on sports teams and within other campus organizations. Hazing frequently becomes entrenched, even beloved among older members who fondly reminisce about it. But consent to hazing does not render it any less a violation of campus anti-hazing policies. Most states have also introduced anti-hazing statutes.Read More

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    Social media and other digital methods of communication allow friends to stay connected as never before. Unfortunately, they have also led to a particularly virulent new form of harassment and bullying.Read More