“ Michael Thad Allen came to us highly recommended as an attorney who specializes in higher education law. One of our family members was facing expulsion from a professional graduate degree program, relatively close in time to graduation. It was late in the game, with one final appeal left. Attorney Allen quickly learned the policies of the university and the department. He thoroughly familiarized himself with all of the documentation from both the student and the school. Thanks to his wise counsel, the expulsion decision was reversed. “
    Appreciative Family
    “ We recently needed a higher education attorney and were directed to Michael Thad Allen of Allen Law LLC. He was very knowledgeable and knew his job. He took the time he needed to listen to us as a family, he understood our problem, and developed a solution that saved us thousands of dollars in reimbursed tuition. He was attentive and frankly, kind. Michael represents college and university students throughout the United States. If you are in need of an attorney for Higher Education, I strongly recommend Michael. “
    Jason and Gail Reiser
    “ As a student enrolled in a Yale professional school, I was facing suspension after a disciplinary proceeding. Attorney Allen guided me through the appeals process, and I was able to get the sanction reduced to probation and continue my program without interruption. He helped me protect my advanced degree. I have not hesitated to return to him for advice. “
    Student at a Yale University Professional School
    “ Attorney Michael Allen helped me when I discovered that my alma mater had found me responsible for a disciplinary violation that they never even informed me about. I discovered it only when I began to apply for jobs that required me to check my record. After reviewing the school’s policies, Attorney Allen found out that administrators had broken the school’s own rules. Attorney Allen got the school to expunge my record. Because my future job was at stake, I was prepared to fight the university for the long haul, but Allen Law got the result I needed quickly. ”
    Adam Younger
    " Attorney Allen helped our daughter when her nursing school threatened to dismiss her for the legal use of medical marijuana. They wouldn’t allow her to attend her required clinical rotations. Dismissal from the nursing program would have effectively ended her nursing career. Attorney Allen helped her assert her disability rights to get the school to grant an accommodation. Then, when the nursing program still refused to follow the accommodation, we took the university to court—and won! Within a week, the court had ordered the school to let our daughter back into class. Allen Law put her back in a position to succeed. "
    Kyle and Bill Magner
    " Attorney Michael Thad Allen was always there for my son throughout the disciplinary process at his school. When the administrators at his school showed clear bias, he immediately began preparing to go to court, and we won. We could count on him at every step. Attorney Allen saved my son’s education. "
    Sharon Hibbert